UK's Largest Pumpkin

Kenny Raybould, Head Gardener and the team, L to R : Clarissa James, Emma Juke, Becca Poland

Back in June, our Head Gardener, Kenny Raybould, proposed a pumpkin display to our client Capco, who manage the much visited Covent Garden in London.

The idea was to grow a giant pumpkin, hopefully the largest in the UK, which could be displayed for Halloween. After much searching, Kenny came across two growers, Ian and Stuart Paton, twin brothers in Hampshire, who would grow the giant pumpkin for us.

It was touch and go whether it would make it to Covent Garden on time and whether it would be the biggest….

On Monday 22nd of October, it arrived on site with 150 other pumpkins and squashes. Due to its weight and size, we needed to get a crane on site to lower it into place! The team, made up of Clarrisa James, Emma Juke, Becca Poland and Kenny Raybould, then set to work putting the spectacular display together.

The pumpkin is the largest ever grown in Britain, the largest in Europe this year and we believe the 3rd largest in the world, weighing approx. 2433.9Ib or 174stone!!!

The pumpkin was grown in Hampshire and all the smaller pumpkins and squashes are from a farm in Wiltshire, so the whole display was 100% British grown.

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